Things I Love: Bountiful Baskets Produce Co-Op

First off, I have to say a BIG thanks to Lori for giving me the heads up about Bountiful Baskets…because if it wasn’t for her…I wouldn’t even be writing this post right now. Thanks girl!

So, you’re probably wondering what Bountiful Baskets is anyway.

Well, to put it simply it is a volunteer run food co-op. Basically they buy HUGE amounts of produce and then pass the savings onto the buyer. Some sites also offer things like honey, home baked loaves of bread, and other specialty items as they are in season.

When you visit the website, you can search for a site near your city. All the details on when you can order, what is available to order and when and where you can pick up your basket is there for you. You should check back to the site often as new sites are always being added and in some cases only a limited number of baskets are available at each site.

A standard item for most sites is a “Conventional Basket”, which is what I purchased. It is 50% fruit, 50% veggies.

This is really one of the coolest ways to save money that I have come across in awhile. I got everything you see in the photo above for $15! (there is also 1.00 processing fee and a one time $3 first time basket fee which provides a new laundry basket for the site to put the produce in).

Bountiful Baskets does not let you take home the basket your produce is in when you arrive, so be sure to take one with you for pick up (large re-usable shopping totes work great as well).

Bountiful Baskets is made possible by the amazing volunteers that run each co-op site to dispense the orders. They ask that those who order baskets also volunteer for their local site when they are able. I’m looking forward to my first opportunity to volunteer with them soon!

I am so pleased with the quality and amount of produce I received from Bountiful Baskets that I can say for sure that this will be a regular thing for me. I love that it is so affordable and that I’m eating better because of all the great things I received in my basket.

If you are looking to get more produce for your family and would like to save money, I highly recommend you check out Bountiful Baskets.

For more information on Bountiful Baskets or to find a pick-up site near you visit:

P.S. I totally chose to write this post on my own and I paid for my basket with my own money. I’m sharing this with you guys because c’mon?! How awesome is this deal?! :-)


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