Things I Love: Awesome Holiday Nail Designs


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Nail Design post and with Christmas only 3 weeks away I felt a Holiday Edition was in order. I’m especially in love with the Snowman Nail Design below…well actually, I just love anything with Snowman really. I hope you are inspired by this collection of sparkly nail flair [...]

Things I Love: Awesome Nail Designs Part 4


Because a fashionable gal can change her nail polish for each day of the week, heck even with each outfit of the day…today I am sharing yet another collection of my favorite nail polish designs that I’ve found while browsing the internet. Enjoy friends! As always, you can click the source links found at the [...]

Things I Love: Awesome Nail Designs Part 3

London Nail Design

When I composed my first Things I Love post that featured beautiful nail art, I really had no idea that so many of you would love it as much as you did. So, because I like you guys so much….I made a part 2…and then you all loved that as well. Well, here today is [...]

Things I Love: Awesome Nail Designs part 2


I have a confession, I’m kind of obsessed with awesome Nail Art…so much so that this is my 2nd post dedicated to amazing nail polish designs. I am blown away by the talent these nail designers have with painting their own nails…the designs below are simply breath taking! Check them out! Sources: 1, 2, 3, [...]