Our #ChevyStaycation in the Traverse LTZ

The Chevrolet Traverse LTZ for our Galveston Trip

Some of my fondest memories growing up are from road trips with my family. Although we never took a “big” vacation (like to Disney World, Hawaii, or Europe etc.) we spent almost every weekend of the year in the car on a miniature adventure.

And I loved it. We went to the beach, camped at state parks, ooohed and ahhed at museums and historical sites….and over the years I just grew to love going places in the car because half of the adventure was simply getting there.

Recently when I was asked to take a “Chevy Staycation” to Galveston Island (a favorite place of ours) I had to pinch myself!

You don’t have to ask me twice to take a road trip!

One of the things that I really contemplated while we were traveling to and from Galveston is that a vehicle like the Traverse is perfect for family travel…or just as a day to day family vehicle.

Here’s why:

Extras like the DVD player and Bose sound system. These allow for kids in the back seat to stay occupied and happy while Mom & Dad navigate the open road. I especially loved that the center console for the kids (seen in the photo above) had it’s own set of A/C controls, a jack for headphones, and even a wall outlet plug adapter! Jackson LOVED the DVD player and being able to watch movies on the go.

Rear-view Camera and Proximity Sensors. No one wants to worry about their trip being ruined by fender benders or accidents. These both came in so handy while backing up. They offered peace of mind and were very helpful when I was trying to park the Traverse in cramped parking lots.

Plenty of cargo space. Even with a third row of seats the Traverse still has room for luggage, groceries, or whatever you need to take with you. And, if you don’t have extra passengers…the 3rd row seats fold down easily to make for even more space!

Does this car make me look good?

A better driving experience for Mom (and Dad!). Being a parent is a stressful job no matter how you look at it and at times even trips to the grocery store can be daunting with children in tow. What I love about the Traverse is that thanks to the smooth ride, the roomy interior, the heated and cooled seats (totally did not know those even existed until this trip) and the level of safety and convenience it offered with so many other features I haven’t even touched on yet… I found myself relaxed and focused on the road. As we drove to Galveston listening to Dance Radio Station on XM I realized it was probably one of the best road trips ever.

I think as a car for daily use the Traverse LTZ would be the perfect thing for grocery runs, school drop-offs, and soccer practice pick-up because no parent will ever find themselves worried about whether everyone in the back is uncomfortable or bored. With OnStar built-in the worry of getting lost or having an accident with no one to help is a thing of the past too. And isn’t that what every parent wants in a vehicle…a little extra peace of mind?

Ocean view from Salsa’s where we had lunch in Galveston.

When we arrived in Galveston the Traverse took us all over the island with ease. And we did what anyone would do on vacation…eat, drink, and be merry!

The wave pool at Moody Garden’s Palm Beach.

Our trip was so much fun and I know that a great part of the enjoyment came from the comfortable ride the Traverse offered throughout the trip.

Thanks Chevy!

For more information on the Chevrolet Traverse LTZ contact your local Chevy Dealer or visit: www.chevrolet.com

You can also find more on happenings in and around Texas at Driving the Heartland and on twitter @ChevyTexan.

Disclosure: Chevrolet provided me with a week long Chevy Vehicle loan and travel accommodations in Galveston for the purpose of this post. I received no other form of compensation. These are my own, honest opinions. I only recommend products and services to my readers that I feel are trustworthy and that I can stand behind with pride.

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