Adventures at The Downtown Aquarium Houston

Rainbow Fish.
 I love taking day trips on the weekends with Jackson. It’s always fun to discover something new and watch his eyes grow with wonder when we visit places like the Downtown Aquarium Houston.
We are on a kick right now where we don’t want to wear shoes. Ever.
 If you have not visited the Downtown Aquarium Houston yet I suggest giving it a try. The exhibits are nice and so is the A/C. It’s especially good if you go on a weekday afternoon…it’s not nearly as crowded then and you can spend a nice amount of time at each exhibit.
My favorite tank exhibit: Anemones and Starfish.
If you prefer to make a day of it and do go on the weekend, I recommend getting the All-Day Adventure Pass for $15.99 per person. It’s really great because you can visit the exhibits as many times as you want and have unlimited access to all the rides.
Though you can’t see from the photo, Jackson loved the carousel!
The rides include a Ferris Wheel, The Shark Voyage train ride that goes through a shark tank (so cool), a carousel, and the Light House Dive ride. The Ferris Wheel is especially awesome to ride at night.
And of course, a great way to finish off your visit to the Downtown Aquarium Houston is to cool off at the splash pad.
Ahhhh! This feels cool!
For more information on the Downtown Aquarium Houston visit:
Disclosure: I paid for our tickets to the Downtown Aquarium myself and wrote this post on my own accord. These are my own honest opinions. I only recommend products and services to my readers that I feel are trustworthy and that I can stand behind with pride.

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